Student Testimonials

“She not only helped me, but she took the time to help me plan out my semester entirely. Academically and financially.”

 My coach, Beth, was beyond helpful! She answered my questions, she gave me great and vital    information that I did not know about. Overall, she was just great, I left the session feeling 100% better about how to repay loans and I honestly am more educated about financial aid now.”

 “ I am 100% glad that I completed the financial coaching session.”

 “Melanie not only answered my questions in an effective manner, but she also shared some tools and resources which I can now access on my own.  I found her very helpful in positive ways.”

 “In my heart of hearts I feel that every college student, whether a freshman or exiting graduate should be required to take at least one Financial Coaching session.”

“Very helpful advisor she pointed out how I could save money and gave me some tips on how to avoid spending money on things up don’t need. We set 3 different goals and set another session in a month.”

 “Beth was sincere, knowledgeable, and present when she spoke with me. It truly felt like she cared about my financial well-being. “

 “She answered all my questions, was friendly, non-judgmental, very knowledgeable, and helped me create a plan to move forward with.”

 “The coach was very attentive to my concerns and has the right answers to my questions. It was very great to talk to her and learn all those tips on managing my money”

 “She helped me not only in a broad level, but she emerged herself in my difficulties and helped me come up with solutions.”

 “The TG coach was very knowledgeable and showed me multiple tools to use to help me figure out my loans.  “

 “I was able to understand how to be organize[d] and open my realm of taking time to pay more attention to my spending.”

 “I learn[ed] a lot of tips and got advice that will change my financial life.”

 “She helped answer a lot of my questions and also gave me tips on what I can do next.“


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