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Season 2

Episode 2: Building Credit Safely (Part 2)

Building up credit can lead to big payoffs over time, but it’s not easy to start from scratch. In this episode of College Money Bites, Scott Filter returns to help you learn how to build and strengthen your credit.

Episode 2: Building Credit Safely (Part 1)

Credit is a necessary finance tool, but how much do you know about credit damage? In this episode of College Money Bites, we sit down with Scott Filter from The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to give you tips and tricks to avoid harming your credit.

Episode 1: Saving for a Rainy Day

Emergencies, hidden costs, car repairs—sometimes you get hit with unforeseen expenses. One way to protect yourself is with an Emergency Fund. In this episode of College Money Bites, Linda Eguiluz, Student Money Management Coordinator of Austin Community College, shares her expertise (and personal experience) to help you put money aside and set personal savings goals.

Season 1

Episode 5: Budgeting 101: All About Credit (Part 2)

Credit cards, mortgages, car loans, and student loans—they’re all types of credit. If used wisely, credit can be a valuable part of your financial journey. In this episode of College Money Bites, financial coach Melanie Odums returns to the podcast to give a quick rundown on how credit works, why it’s important to start building your credit safely, and how credit should (and shouldn’t) be used in college.

Episode 4: Budgeting 101: Where’s My Money Going? (Part 1)

To grow your money, you need to know your money. In this episode of College Money Bites, financial coach Beth Landrum to explains how to set up a spending plan that tracks and categorizes your expenses. Find out ways to save money—even on a tight budget—and better manage your resources in college.

Episode 3: Tips for Completing the FAFSA

No one wants to overpay for their college education. Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)is an important step when going to college as it helps determine how much federal financial aid you are eligible for (grants, scholarships, work study, loans). This podcast walks thru the why, when, and what happens next of filling out the FAFSA, including what aid is best to accept first (and last) and if you have to accept all of the aid you are eligible for.

Episode 2: Summer Tips for Staying on Track in College

For new or returning college students, it’s important to stay on track during summer months. This podcast provides students with simple, and easy to follow advice for preparing for the next semester, staying on track to complete your education, whether to work or take classes over the summer, how to stay involved on campus during summer months, and any financial “gotchas” to look out for, especially for new students.

Episode 1: Campus Resources for College Students

In our inaugural episode of College Money Bites, we are joined by one of Trellis Company’s Student Financial Coaches, Melanie Odums. We chatted with Melanie about the various types of on-campus (and off-campus) resources available to college students, why students should take advantage of their school’s resources, and more!